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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Polling All Readers

Because a good feature is a terrible thing to waste, we've instituted the first ever DarwinCatholic reader polling -- see right.

My main real question is: Do we have a lot of readership overlap between this blog and The American Catholic, where I also write, and so does my recent habit of cross posting my less overtly partisan political stuff to both sites annoy readers.

However, we ask that you answer all three questions to the best of your ability so that our highly trained consumer research department here at Casa la Darwin can make recommendations to us, as soon as they finish with their coloring books.


Unknown said...

Double post the stuff you want. Nobody says we have to read it twice. ;) Really, you and the others may tire of TAC at some point in the future and close up shop. If you cross post to DC you maintain a certain degree of ownership over your work.

Besides, that will help prevent DC from being just another homeschooling mom blog.

No offense to the SAHMs or their DH,DS,DD, etc.

Unknown said...

And only three of us voted for the last item so far. Me, you, and TS probably. We need Big Tex and FD to swing by.

Scoutsigns said...

I only read your blog since the entire text shows in Google Reader. TAC, last time I tried, only shows the first few lines in the Reader--too many things to read to hop out to a new page each time.

Rick Lugari said...

TAC is one of the very few blogs I hop to anymore, but FamilyMan makes a valid complaint. I'd change the RSS to publish the full text. I generally won't follow a link over from a partial text just out of principle - then I eventually stop even clicking the feed in Bloglines. I know there are many more people who do the same - with the full text we'll still hop over to read or post comments, but won't do it based on the first 255 characters of a post.

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

I read Darwin Catholic all the time, but The American Catholic only some of the time. I like reading your political posts, but I don't always remember to go over to AC to see if you've got something new. So I'm glad you cross post.

(BTW, when I do go to AC I end up reading the other writers too. I'm just not always in the mood for a lot of politics every day. But I'm always in the mood for varied mix of topics at Darwin Catholic.)

Big Tex said...

I have no problem with the double posting. I read things through Google Reader, so I will click through if the topic is interesting. Otherwise, if I recognize the post title from a previous read, either at TAC or DC, I just skip, unless I want to get in on the comment action at both places. :-)

Melanie Bettinelli said...

I like the cross-posting. I rarely go to AC. In fact, pretty much only when you link to it from DC. When I do swing by AC, however, I do also skim back through the last few posts on the site and enjoy the content. Just too many blogs not enough hours in the day.

CMinor said...

Haven't been online much lately so perhaps my judgement is of limited value, but I have no problem with the status quo.

The value of AC is that you can afford to slack off a few days and somebody else will do the work for you. I don't know how you keep it up!

Rick Lugari said...

Currently there are 19 votes for Chix and Guns.

There's 32 votes for Catholicism and 26 votes for the entire Darwin oeuvre.

When one considers that both chix and guns are very catholic things, and that the "whole DarwinCatholic oeuvre" encompasses "Chix and Guns", it look like a mandate for a blog dedicated to Chix and Guns.