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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prayers for Vivian

Good readers, please keep blogger Kyle Cupp and his family in your prayers. They discovered over Holy Week that their unborn daughter, Vivian Marie, has anencephaly.
If she lives until term and through the delivery, she will be with us for only a few hours, perhaps a day or two. My wife is due in September, so we may have a long road ahead of us as we prepare simultaneously for our daughter’s birth, baptism, and burial. I admit a part of me wants this to be over sooner rather than later, but I also desire, hope, to hold my daughter, to listen to her newborn cries, to hold my wife as she nurses our hungry child, and to share as family those few precious moments of her life before we must say goodbye.
Please go over to Kyle's and offer your prayers and support.

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Ginkgo100 said...

They may draw hope from the story of a baby named Faith, who is an anencephalic baby now about two months old. Faith is certainly an exception, as most babies with her condition do not live so long, but the story does affirm the humanity and dignity of these children.