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Friday, March 23, 2012

Isabel's Sad Drawing

Here is Isabel's sad artwork, as referenced in the last post.

Isabel has a knack for pathos. Once, shortly before Diana was born, she drew a picture of a small baby on a broom, crying. "This is Diana," she explained. "She's flying too high on a broom, and she's crying because she's scared."

"No, Isabel!" I protested. "Why don't you make her come down. Don't make the baby scared."

But Isabel was adamant. The drawing was rather upsetting to me -- there was my baby, and she was crying because she was scared, up too high on a broom! -- but even though I pleaded, almost to the point of tears, Isabel would not alter a jot of her drawing. It was what it was. I kept it for a while, because it was  cute as well as pathetic, but eventually I had to throw it out. I couldn't take it any more. Isabel had won the game of chicken.

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