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Friday, March 02, 2012

Sleepless Nights

Posting has been light this week. We've been consumed with serious issues here, wrapped day and night in contemplation of life's twists and turns and mysterious coincidences. All day we fret and ponder, wondering what might have been done differently and what will happen next. We've not had a proper night's sleep in almost a week, and we stagger through our days in a haze.

Damn you, Downton Abbey.


cyurkanin said...

Matthew Lickona said...

No. Downton Abbey became a soap opera in season two. Maggie Smith was reduced to (admittedly lovely) one-liners. I am bitter about this.

Darwin said...

Aw, come on, Matthew, Downton Abbey was always a soap opera. In the glorious tradition of BBC costumed high class soap operas. The first season opened with the Titanic, went on with Mr. Pamuk, and closed with killer soap. You just have to embrace it.

Though I thought the second season was weaker in that it tended to cram in more (and more sensational) plots and lost some of the EF Benson urgency-of-small-things charm of the first season. I thought Mary and Matthew managed to get a bit more interesting in the second season, as did the Dowager, but poor Isobel became a total joke and Bates may be approaching the point of becoming a tiresomely bad news bear.