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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Pictoral Life of William

It's been a dispiriting day here, as I realize exactly how much fell apart while I was pregnant and on bed rest, so here's a reminder that something worthwhile has emerged from all of this chaos:

Woolly hat and singlet courtesy of Otepoti at Reading for Believers
And though I feel like I'm doing everything wrong at the moment, here at least is something well done:

I would not in future knowingly schedule a baptism four days after birth (though nine days after the due date didn't seem that unreasonable at the time), but I'm glad we went ahead. The spiritual relief is worth the physical discomfort, and we spent the rest of the day recovering:

When we're not sleeping, I like to read and he likes to eat.

William needs a good deal of protecting from his loving siblings, but sometimes everyone can be peaceful and decorous at the same time. Sometimes it even happens in church...

...not often at home, though. But we're working on it, every day.


Jenny said...

Gosh, I love that top picture!

Just think, it has got to be less chaotic now than it was packing up a house and moving halfway across the country like you did last time.

mandamum said...

What a cutie. So at least 3 things well done - a baby! and a baptized one, at that! Plus, a kids-at-creche picture!

I'm trying to figure out how this nesting thing is supposed to work when I am (not on bedrest, so no kick coming, but) feeling so very unwieldy and never sure, once I get down, that I can get back up again. But seeing your (and Bearing's) baby pics keeps me focused on the end goal :) And at 34 weeks, I guess I better get moving on that nesting!

bearing said...

I like the reading/nursing picture. Yeah, that is my life right now.

Julia said...

Awesome pics!

Lois in Indy said...

How beautiful and wonderful. Thanks. Lois

Kristin said...

He's so dang cute!

Enbrethiliel said...


What a sweetheart! <3