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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Catechism on the Uptown Funk

Q: Where is all this going down?
A: Uptown.

Q: What is the first effect of Uptown?
A: Uptown gon' give it to ya.

Q: What, then, is the second effect of Uptown?
A: Uptown, funk you up.

Q: When is all this going down?
A: Saturday night.

Q: If you should be so foolish as to not believe me, what should you do?
A: Just watch.

Q: How is it that my kids, yea, even the four-year-old, know almost all the words to Uptown Funk and I'm only just hearing it?
A: Uptown, funk you up. Uptown, FUNK YOU UP!

Q: When did Bruno Mars become a thing? Because the last time I listened to the top 40 station, several kids ago, he was singing sappy romantic ballads.
A: Nice moves, though.


Jo said...


This is what happens when someone tries to do funk without soul. The vapid lyrics and Bruno Mars getting a perm don't help either.

They should learn from the masters:

mrsdarwin said...

That's a pretty sweet bass line. Plus, I'll never hear it at a dance recital, so full marks there.

Here, not full funk, but some driving piano with a southern accent:

cminor said...

P-Funk it's not. (Not that you'd necessarily want the kids singing that.) Also, no offense to Bruno but I think MJ's legacy is safe. Curlers? Really?

Bernadette said...

This may be one of my favorite blog posts you've ever written. After the I Remember Mrs. Darwin, and all of Stillwater. Of course. Also, i really like that song, especially since it doesn't have any misogynist or otherwise offensive lyrics I have to pretend aren't really there. And I wouldn't be too sure about the dance recital.

Caroline said...

This made my day, especially since I just got through singing with it in the car (and doing embarrassing seated dance moves). It may not be real funk, but it sure beats 90% of the top 40 station.