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Friday, March 13, 2015

Get Bat out of Hell

Matthew Lickona is a seriously imaginative writer, and he's got a new project going: an animated show called Bat out of Hell which brings Hieronymus Bosch paintings to life to tell the story of Bat, a devil who just isn't very good at the job of getting souls damned. Of course, hell isn't the place to go for sympathy, so it's not like his fellow demons are particularly nice to Bat about it, which just makes it all the harder for him to catch a damn break.

Here's the opening of the first episode:

Matthew has got a Kickstarter going to get more of it made. Those of you who are connected to me on Facebook may have already seen me link to it.

Quirky art is worth supporting for its own sake, so I've kicked in a contribution to bring Bat to fruition. Even if you might not normally spring for this kind of thing, I would encourage you to give it a second thought as you'd also be helping out some folks in a tough spot. After the project was launched Mark Lickona (the animator for the project and also the voice of Bat) had his house burn down.

Thankfully, they're all okay. But the house is mostly toast, and they're going to be living away from home for a good long time. There was insurance, but still: suffice it to say that I just got that much more eager to see Bat Out of Hell make its goal. Please spread the word on Bat's (and my brother's) behalf if you can. Thank you!

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