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Friday, March 06, 2015

It's Friday: Read a Novel

It's Friday, and you deserve a break. Why not take the opportunity to read Part 1 of The Great War, A Novel? Part 2 will begin posting on Monday, March 16th.

If you haven't been following up till now:

The Great War follows the experiences of five characters before and during World War One. Henri and Philomene are a married couple living in a village in the north of France, where Philomene looks forward to the end of Henri's time as a reserve officer though his feelings about having left active duty are much more mixed. Walter works in a bicycle factory in Berlin where he is caught between the chance of promotion and the budding labor movement. Natalie is a Polish girl of unknown parentage raised in a French convent school, who in 1914 both meets a previously unknown relative and is given a job as a governess. Jozef is a university student living in Vienna, in the shadow of his manipulative mother, who sees in his cavalry officer friend's career a chance to escape. Their lives as all changed in unexpected ways by the outbreak of the war in the summer of 1914.

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