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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Angel of Death

An emailer sent me this a few days ago, but it's still worthy of attention: Michael Schiavo receives Guardian of the Year Award.

Now I can understand that some people feel that Mr. Schiavo really did fight for what he believed his wife wanted, but Guardian of the Year? A man who cheats on his disabled wife and fathers two children with his mistress? A man who allowed his wife to die a slow death from dehydration over a period of two weeks because he didn't have the guts to smother her with a pillow? Who remembers that she'd wanted to die after he'd received the money from his malpractice lawsuit? Is it possible that there are better examples of guardianship out there who deserve to be rewarded? Just asking.


On an entirely separate note, thank you to all who've enquired after me and Smaskig. We're doing well, and the other day Noogs and I went to the midwife and heard Smaskig's heartbeat loud and strong. In fact, I'd swear I could feel baby moving around already, though it seems way too early for that. We've been away from the computer lately because sitting for too long in front of the screen makes me feel queasy...

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CincyDarwin said...

With guardians like that, who needs enemies? May the Lord never allow our children to fall under such "guardianship". May those who grant such awards choose to honor the many nameless individuals who so selflessly sacrifice themselves to care for those in their charge.