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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Keeping the Aspidistra Flying

Life continues in Darwin Land, though it's been incredibly busy lately. We now have Benedict XVI's official portrait up on PapalImages, and parishes and schools have kept those flying off the shelves. In keeping with our promise to donate 10% of the proceeds, we just donated 100 Euros to St. Peters Pence via the Vatican website.

The oldest monkey has taken a sudden liking to Phantom of the Opera. Listening to your three-year-old try to sing along with the high notes is... interesting.

We've been rather remiss in blogrolling, but finally got around to some much overdue additions. Do check out Musum Pontificalis to hear the pope's latest musings on important topics like reality TV. Sacramentum Vitae writes very thoughtful pieces on theology and culture. Happy Catholic is always a source of good links and humor. And how can one not love Speculative Catholic, when his interests include SF/Fantasy, homebrewing, Umberto Eco and Catholicism?

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