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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Politics and the Cardinal Virtues

Over at Bonfire of the Vanities, Fr. Fox has posted a talk he gave on faith and politics, which ties into my earlier post on the the virtue of prudence. Now, while I go read more of "The Four Cardinal Virtues" inspired by Father's talk, here are his thoughts in a nutshell:

Some will say, “abortion’s bad, but don’t change laws,
just change hearts.”

Justice—and, I think, Prudence—says,
No, the Law is a Teacher, and a repository of values.
I submit that argument is really a lack of fortitude,
Masquerading as “prudence.”

Now, of course, we can talk specifics,
But at least take away from tonight, this framework:

What is right, what is each ones due? Justice;

When passion impels us forward,
what bids us hold back?

Our passions draw us back; why go forward? Fortitude;

What is the right means, in light of circumstances,
Experience, human realities, possibilities and limitations? Prudence.

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