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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

For Those Who Believe Size Does Matter

Let me present the world's larget handgun, a revolver firing the H&H .600 Nitro Express (a round developed in 1899 for shooting elephants). You kind of have to see this to believe it, and even then you may think, "That's not for real."

(HT Stephen Bodio, another Patrick Leigh Fermor fan)


Anonymous said...

That's one firearm that would pose some difficulty in concealing it.

Foxfier said...

Oh, NICE!!!!

Plus, if you run out of ammo and there's anyone insane enough to still be coming, you can beat them to death pretty easily.....

Deacon Bill Burns said...

Reminds me of Joe Piscopo's character in Johnny Dangerously.

"An elephant said that to me once. Once."

Steve Bodio said...

Hey, Darwin-- just became a regular reader this week. Glad to see you read us! (Though as some sort of a Darwin Catholic myself I guess it is not THAT strange!)

We'll get you linked.