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Friday, June 08, 2007

Things that (or People who) Don't Bother Me

TSO at Video Meliora has tagged us for a new meme. So, in no particular order, here's my list.

Things that (or People who) don't bother me:
  1. Girly drinks
  2. Accordions
  3. Ukeleles
  4. Nepotism
  5. Cat blogging
  6. Public schools
  7. People who cross picket lines
  8. Crocs (though I wouldn't wear them myself)
  9. Musicals
  10. Spanking
  11. Anime
  12. Foie gras (the concept, I mean; I've never eaten it)
  13. Animal testing
  14. Two-Buck Chuck
  15. Accents
  16. Games with complicated rules
  17. Vatican politics
  18. The Novus Ordo
  19. Malt balls
  20. Doritos
  21. Country music lovers
  22. Will Ferrell movies
  23. Barefoot children
  24. American Idol
  25. Boxed wine
  26. Reading at meals
  27. Lolcats
  28. Lurkers
  29. Female Eucharistic ministers
  30. My sister's boyfriend
No pressure, guys, but I tag Dorian, Opinionated Homeschooler, and Julie D.


Pro Ecclesia said...

So does that mean anyone or anything that didn't make your list DOES bother you?

mrsdarwin said...

Oh yes, Jay, and you're not on the list. :)

Actually, feel free to do this on your blog -- I'd enjoy seeing your list. I bet Miss Lima will make the cut.

sdecorla said...

Ha, that's funny. The only things from that list that bother me are nepotism and spanking, and to some degree anime. I should do that on my blog.

mrsdarwin said...

I should note that not everything on the list is my favorite thing. For example, I don't like country music myself, but I don't mind if other people like it. I don't watch American Idol, but the show doesn't bother me.

The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

I keep starting a list, and then other people (you know who you are) keep closing the computer down without saving it.

So is the idea that these are things that bother other people, or people you know tend to be bothered by these things, but you just can't bring yourself to care? Like trans-fats? And reality TV?

mrsdarwin said...

Absolutely. See, you've already got your first two.

Rick Lugari said...

Seeing as he is only specific individual listed, I bet your sister's boyfriend is feeling really secure about making it to your "Doesn't bother me" list...