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Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Stool With Two Legs

Being on the road and all (and holding out on the theory that it's still awful early to get excited about presidential politics) I didn't see the Republican debate the other night, but this item over at The Corner struck me:
Three v Two: Near the end, Romney talked about "the stool" of the Reagan coalition having three legs—national security, free-market economics, and moral issues. He's absolutely right about and it is extremely important to conservatism that that continue to be our coalition. Rudy, immediately afterward, talked about the "two big principles" that unite us, a vigorous national defense and the free market. He basically wants to cut one leg off the stool which is the greatest substantive weakness of his candidacy. Romney was smart to come back to it and highlight that difference in this interview on Fox.

Maybe at the next debate Giuliani can be provided with a two-legged stool to sit on?

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