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Monday, March 24, 2008

Candy Madness

Out of respect for the solemnity and dignity of Easter, we refrained from posting these yesterday.

For those always interested in new horizons in medical research, we present Peep Research, the site for all experiments dealing with marshmallow chickens. (The brave of heart will want to witness the extraordinary miracle of the separation of Peeps quintuplets.) Read at your own risk; not safe for work if your boss tends to frown on the sounds of hysterical choking laughter emanating from your cubicle.

UPDATE (from Darwin): And of course, one must not forget the study on the effects of smoking upon peeps:

The lesson? While smoking may not have immediate bad health effects, smoking while swimming in a vat of pure alcohol does.


John Farrell said...

You know, Mrs. D, I saw the same snapshot at the local liquor store on Saturday, with, um, slightly more off-color language.

Have we been using PhotoShop by any chance?


mrsdarwin said...

No, no, I got this in an email a few years ago and thought it was funny enough to save the image for future use.

Now the whole exchange is a punchline around here, only we have to say it sotto voce so the young'uns don't pick up any terminology.