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Friday, March 28, 2008

Steinbeck on a Chinese cook and the Old Testament

JulieD's recent podcast referred me to a post on The Paragraph Farmer in which he quotes a snippet from Steinbeck's East of Eden which I highly recommend. I've never had any particular urge to read Steinbeck, though I've always heard of him as "someone people read". But whether you like him or not (or don't care) go read the selection on Patrick's blog.

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bearing said...

I've read every novel Steinbeck wrote -- I got addicted to him as a high school kid.

East of Eden is easily my favorite. I am inclined to call it a "Catholic" novel in its sensibilities and scope -- not, mind you, that all the theology is just exactly right, but it attacks the problem of evil in a way that has a very Catholic feel to it.

That's from memory -- it's been several years since I last read it -- I wonder if I'd have the same impression if I picked it up again.