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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

24 Weeks

A child at 24 weeks in utero.

The Boy is 24 weeks. He has fingernails and can wave his arms and kick at things I set on my stomach, and he's already got stuff all over his face. (Probably a preview of the next five or six years.) He is alive, and if he happened to be born today, advances in medical technology would mean that he would probably survive and eventually thrive. (I'm not ready for that, though, so you'd better stay put, Little Boy.)

I was struck by this photo over at Fr. Longenecker's blog, where he reports that the British have just refused to reduce the 24-week window for abortions. (I was also puzzled by the commenter who insisted that the best way to instill respect for life was universal child care right now.)

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Jennifer F. said...

At least once a week I find myself shocked and horrified anew that we live in a country where infanticide is legal. It's hard to believe.

Congratulations again!