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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whoever Bought an iMac with our Amazon Search Box

Thank you!!!

You just gave us one or two hard cover books (or several more used) without costing yourself a cent extra, and having had an iMac for the last 18 months, I can say you picked a great machine too.

We blog for the love of it, of course, but it's always appreciated when people's usage of our Amazon link helps fund Darwin book-buying habit.


Jeff Miller said...

That is cool.

I also like it when someone supports by book habit when someone gets something through Amazon, though I have never had anyone get something of that price. What suprises me is that I don't have an Amazon widget on my blog, some people will go out of the way to buy things from my affiliates link from an older book review.

As for the iMac. I got my first Apple computer, an iMac, last October. As a long time geek, Altair 8800, C64, Amiga and multiple PC's I am now a total Mac convert. I love the iMac and OSX Leopard.

Razib said...

:=) it's awesome what that happens. xmas times is especially good....

Rick Lugari said...

Ya know, I'm an idiot. We probably spend a couple hundred dollars a year at Amazon and it never crossed my mind to initiate the shopping through a friend's link. Doh! I'll tell Rhonda (who does most of the purchasing) to enter via ads.

Now that you have a "free" book to choose, get Chesterton's Collected Works Vol IV (What's wrong with the World, Superstition of Divorce, Eugenics and other Evils, plus more). I can't say I've read a lot of important social commentary, but I can't imagine there being any much better. Chesterton's thought is just as relevant in 21st Century US as he was in 19-20th Century UK.