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Monday, May 12, 2008

Can you put a value on a mother's work?


That's how much financial compensation the work that average stay-at-home mothers would bring in the marketplace, according to Mom's Salary Wizard. But according to my custom salary wizard (adjusted for number of children, zip code, and specific hours spent on various tasks like, say, plumbing) my salary ought to be $130,135.

Take that, Darwin! I don't make more than you bring home!

(h/t to my morning copy of the Wall Street Journal)


Darwin said...

I notice that this bill only includes your "mom" duties. Do I get a separate bill for all the "wife" stuff?

Also, I appear to be trying to cheat you by paying you 12.25/hr as a "daycare center teacher" rather than providing a "classroom teacher" or "private tutor" rate, when it comes to schooling the girls. I think you should demand a promotion on the education front.

mrsdarwin said...

Unfortunately for my salary, there wasn't a slot for any higher educational services than "daycare center teacher".

If Eliot Spitzer's recent experiences are any indicator, you can't afford my evening rate.

Kevin said...

I call bull. I can confidently state, without clicking the link, that their methodology was fundamentally and fatally flawed. The average stay-at-home mother's husband doesn't earn six figures, and if she could, her husband would gladly let her do so and become a stay-at-home dad.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Darwin,

You should unionize.

Darwin said...

She should unionize? I'm the one whose payable are way above my receivables. Maybe I need to get some other husbands in on this to achieve economies of scale!

PB said...

Take that, Darwin! I don't make more than you bring home!

So wait a minute, does that mean Darwin's bringing in over $130,000 a year? If so how do I join the analytical marketing ranks?

Darwin said...

Heh. No, I only wish...

She means that the amount she _doesn't_ make is greater than the amount that I _do_ make.