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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fear and loathing in the garden

Some mornings you go outside to take the air and gaze at the garden, and then you glance at the tomato patch and find that once again, birds have gotten inside the netting. Not one, but three birds. And they're still inside. And there happens to be a handy piece of long flooring strip sitting on the grass. And this is what happens.

But you better believe I put the fear of God into those birds!

And I saved the last Cherokee Purple, which was delicious.


TS said...

Did you grow those tomatoes from seed or buy plants?

Amber said...

Argh, what a pain! But your veggies look beautiful. I want to grow that purple one someday, but I'm not sure if our growing season is long enough. Right now I'm sticking with Early Girls, Better Boys and cherry tomatoes.

And your flooring looks wonderful!

AnotherCoward said...

I think I would be having bird for dinner (or at least have seriously considered it).

I'm jealous of your garden. Good for you. I need to seriously make time to give this a try.