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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lost, lost, lost

My first really big tomato was just starting to turn red. And then along came a bird. the first day just a few peck, from the look of things. I hoped that somehow it could finish ripening without rotting out and I'd still be able to eat some. And then here's how it looked last night.

Update: I caught the culprit yesterday -- on camera. He's not dead yet, but he's on borrowed time.


LogEyed Roman said...

You may remember when I lived in a house with a nice fig tree, heavily preyed on by local birds, until we took to objecting to this with a pellet rifle. Our cats got lots of fresh birds, and we got a whole lot more intact figs.

I do not mention this to offend anyone's love of small birds. Meaningless cruelty to small animals is something I find dreadful. But killing pests who take my food supply is something different. If that still offends you, I'm very sorry, but I totally disagree.

LogEyed Roman

Big Tex said...

I'd suggest some PVC and netting to form some sort of cover to prevent Tweety from eating your 'maters.

The birds will keep coming unless you do something about it. I recall when we lived nearby; them birdies kept gettin' my 'maters.

LogEyed Roman said...


What a coincidence. Here's a story in the New York Times, no less, about gardeners who start out trying to be tolerant to garden pests but don't end up that way. Here's the link:

LogEyed Roman

Rick Lugari said...

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