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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gracious living

We've been living it up in a small space due to the kitchen being completely torn up. Now, so that we can use the kitchen as a staging ground before we floor in there, we've moved the table into the living room. Usually I have a "no food in the living room" rule for girls, but we're waiving that for the time being.

It wouldn't be so bad to live everyday life in one room if half of it weren't taken up by the prospective floor.

So we're a bit squeezed right now. Just wait until this afternoon, when the couch goes out to the garage and the refrigerator moves into the living room.

Darwin has been doing prep work on the stairs. Yesterday morning the big girls helped him rip off the carpet up to the landing.

We'll be laying floor strips on the stairs and edging them with stair nosings. The cost for the nosings that matched our floor was astronomical, so we opted to buy maple nosings and varish and polyurethane them ourselves.

We stained them deeper than the floor for contrast.

Up today: completely clearing out the kitchen so that we can sand off the vinyl adhesive tomorrow; laying tile around the fireplace and by the back door; moving the fridge, stove, and dishwasher out of the kitchen.


Jim Janknegt said...

I am sure you are being safety conscious, but.... depending on when the tile was laid there might be asbestos in the tile adhesive which is a very bad thing to sand!

Whenever we remove any tile at UT we always check for asbestos before removing.

Darwin said...

Good point, Jim.

I think we're probably safe on this since the house was built in '92 -- by which point I'm pretty sure there wouldn't have been any asbestos involved.

The plans are for curtaining off the rest of the house with plastic and sending MrsD off with the kids while I sand wearing a respirator, though. Not expecting anything dangerous, but expecting it to be very, very dusty.