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Thursday, November 13, 2008

High Comedy: Changing Table Edition

Dorian knows why babies crack themselves up on the changing table. Here's her three-month-old's running monologue, a level of hilarity that our slightly less cognizant two-month-old is working up to:
You guys!

Hi! Hi there! Hello! Hi!


The changing table!

The ceiling fan!

The ceiling fan, right? Am I right? Too funny! It's a ceiling fan!

My sister! With the song! About me!

Midnight! No - really! Midnight!

Are those my feet? Are those my FEET? Those are my feet!


Is that the kitty? Is that the KITTY? It's the kitty!

My brother! With the dancing! In my face! Pushing my swing!

But, seriously.

No, I'm playing. The changing table! The CHANGING TABLE!

Thanks - thank you. You've been a wonderful audience.

1 comment:

DP said...

That's funny--and my 11 month old seems to be using the same lines.