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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Epiphany

C + M + B

For those of us who are gentile Christians, the feast of the Epiphany holds a special meaning, as it recalls that Christ was done homage as a king by Magi from the East at the time of his birth. Though Matthew's gospel provides few details, the Magi are traditionally recalled as three, with the names Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar.

The traditional date for Epiphany is January 6th, but since our bishops have seen fit to put the feast on the nearest Sunday, I hope that no one will take it amiss if I wish everyone a happy Epiphany today.

I first encountered this classic orchestration of We Three Kings by Eugene Ormandy when I was a child, watching my dad give the annual Christmas Star Show up at the Griffith Observatory. Since the recording is hard to find, and there too it the music provided background to a montage of artistic representations of the Three Kings, I took the liberty of putting together a YouTube video for the occasion.


Barb said...

I grew up with that version of We Three Kings also and it has always been my favorite version. My mother had a series of records called "The Great Songs of Christmas" and this was on one of the albums. Thanks for sharing this.
A happy, blessed Epiphany to all the Darwins!

LuisLiviaLuisa said...

A Holy and Happy Feast of the Epiphany!
Jesus loves you and Mary too.
Luisa from Lima - Peru
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Melanie Bettinelli said...

A happy Epiphany to you too. So sorry we weren't able to make it to Texas for a reprise of last years Three Kings party.

Caeseria said...

Happy Epiphany! I'm so glad to see someone else acknowledging the day. People ask me, "So do you have all your Christmas stuff packed up yet?" and when I tell them that our tree and creche stay up until Epiphany, I get these kind of blank looks, like a temporary blue-screen, because they don't know what Epiphany is, or why all our stuff is still up.