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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Road Trip

The Darwins just returned yesterday from a weekend trip. You guys, I used to think I was a fairly competent driver. Not all that much phases me, and audio books make the time flow easily for the kids. (I'm not so sanguine about overly-frequent bathroom stops, but this too shall pass.)

But I've discovered my driving Waterloo: a perfect storm situation consisting of a high-construction area, a semi in the right lane, and a concrete barrier that's right up on the white line of the left lane. I really don't like driving next to concrete barriers at the best of times (though Darwin points out that unlike a car, a concrete barrier isn't going to move at you). But at night, wedged next to a semi, at 60 MPH? My shoulders and knuckles still ache from being tensed.


Anonymous said...

Just pick a high aiming point to steer toward and ignore the barrier. Then you can speed up and get past the semi.

as a new driver, I'd try to get in these situations so I could become more ocnfortable in them.

Then try driving in Egypt, or Korea!

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way a few days ago, driving in a single lane split off from the rest of I-15. There was concrete on both sides.

CMinor said...

Then try driving in Egypt, or Korea!

Gee, I thought Italy was scary enough.

Foxfier said...

High sympathy!

I get bad in that situation, too.

I also have the "bonus" of driving my mom's mini-van, so when I pass the small-*bleep* idiots in big "trucks" they feel the need to drive like morons to get ahead of me...and slow down.

What little fingernails I had are gone.....

(BTW, my mom is curious if your going to email, re: animals?)

TS said...

I've found that 90% of driving is 50% mental! :-) I don't much like the concrete barriers either.