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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Homer Nods

Woe, woe betide any foolish freshman, who, too lazy to do the work for the survey course, rents Troy so as not to have to read the Iliad.

My summary: EPIC FAIL, in so many ways.

(Spit take warning here -- Darwin and I both sat up and said, "What the flip?")


Kyle Cupp said...

The worst scene was when Helen says to Paris, "I just want a man I can grow old with."

Not a bad an Adam Sandler comedy. Helen of Troy would never, ever, ever say that!

mrsdarwin said...

Kyle, I watched the "best parts version" by youtubing Troy and checking the fight scenes. The fight between Hector and Ajax left us with much the same reaction: "He gets killed?" This is particularly amusing to me because I've been listening to the Iliad in the car, and I've just gotten up to where Achilles kills Hector. Nothing like the clips from Troy. Heck, they don't run three times around the walls of Troy! Now that's a spectacle I'd have paid to see.

Dorian Speed said...

I shall liveblog this clip, here in your comment box:

Eric Bana!

Oh, man, I forgot that Orlando Bloom is in this. He is truly terrrible.

But, Eric Bana!

Is that Brian Cox? He is probably the best actor in this, but he seems very out of place.

Isn't Colin Farrell in this?

"Think of your sword, and think of his sword." I am glad I am not showing this to a room of high school boys.

I bet my day would go better if I wore one of those gold leaf head thingies.

Peter O'Toole?!

My mom always used to say, "Hector's pups!" when she was mad. Is that related to the Iliad?

Wait - WHAT?

Kyle Cupp said...

I'm sorry I did pay to see Troy. I also didn't like how the film took out all the mythical elements of the text: no gods, etc. Give me 300 over this any day.

Enbrethiliel said...


I did not pay to see Troy, but borrowed a friend's DVD for a very good reason: to be able to sniff out which of my students decided to cut corners with the Iliad according to Brad Pitt.

CMinor said...

I've heard "since Hector was a pup."

Did Hector have pups? Was he ever a pup? I've gotta look this up.

Dorian Speed said...

That I do not know, but I have learned from "The Wire" that "pup" is slang for "seriously scary gangster-in-training." So maybe that's what it refers to.

CMinor said...

I found another explanation here.

Apparently "Hector" was once a popular dog name (since he defended your fortress, I guess.) So Hector was once a pup, and I guess it follows that as he hadn't been one in some time he probably had some pups around the neighborhood, too!

The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

The homeschool kids at Z.S. Theatre downtown did a great performance of "All of Homer in One Hour". Among other hilarities, as Hector was jogging around the walls of Troy, the Trojans were handing him water bottles.