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Friday, June 26, 2009

Prayers for Honduras

A prayer request via email regarding the coup in Honduras:
My mother-in-law is a senator in the Honduran Congress. Yesterday a special session was called. Once all the senators and other public officials were in the building, the doors were locked, cell phones and computers were taken away and a coup started. We have not been able to get a hold of anyone in D's family to see if it is over or if they are still be held hostage. Please pray the safety of all the senators, especially T. Z. (my mil) and for peace of mind for my husband and his family. Thanks so much.

...I have checked the internet and Honduran officials are denying the whole thing but that is to be expected. My father-in-law was the one who called my husband from Tegucigalpa (the capitol city) and told him what is going on. As of yesterday evening, there was still no contact from my MIL. Supposedly a general was fired by the president and the military is siding with the general. This happened once when we visited there in 1999 but it lasted only a few hours and there was no bloodshed. I pray for the same outcome.
Thank you for all of your prayers. I finally got through to Honduras and spoke with my MIL. She got home last night at 3 in the morning. She is really vague over the phone as to what is going on but I think for safety reasons. You never know who might be listening.
Please continue to pray for this country. They are so poor and are in a very unstable and dangerous environment. Thank you all so much!

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