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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Darwins In New York

In addition to having a wonderful time visiting Pentimento and Paul Zummo (though at different times), the Darwin clan had a chance to take in the sights a bit.

A view from Central Park.

Fr. Duffy memorial in Times Square

The Scribner's building -- now owned by United Colors of Benneton (and home to an American Girl store)

St. Patrick's Cathedral (Atlas failing to shrug in the left foreground)

Seen on the highway, while heading home.


JMB said...

Looks like RT. 80 to me! Glad you had a great time. Next time we have to meet up!

Christopher said...

Yes -- next time give me a hollar as well, even if only to grab some New York pizza (a real slice, that is). =)

Darwin said...


Argh! I completely forgot that you were in New York. Yes, next time we'll have to find a way to get together.