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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shopping with Betty Beguiles

I spent this last week in deep fashion consultation with the talented Betty Beguiles, who signed on to give my wardrobe a much-needed update through her new Personal Shopping service.

It was a clarifying experience for me. I thought that what I needed was to "shake things up" and get out of my comfort zone, but in the course of having to articulate why I did or didn't like certain options, I came to realize that there was an underlying ethic to my various fashion choices. I have a fairly hour-glass figure and middling legs, and so I'm always trying to find styles that will give me the illusion of looking longer and leaner than I really am, or at least not make my hips look as wide as a doorway. Also, I run shrieking from anything that smacks of being "bohemian" or "earthy". Betty patiently sifted through all my feedback and pontificating, and then (once I stopped micromanaging the process) produced a number of elegant and wearable outfits.


She's got the other outfits up at her blog, Betty Beguiles.

Anyone interested in learning more about Betty's personal shopping services can click here to read more.


Laura said...

All of the outfits are super cute :) Congrats

Amber said...

Those look great!

I so want to do this once I can wear normal sized clothes again. So... a year from now?? I really don't want to buy more maternity clothes, even if what I have isn't the greatest.

But what she is doing is such a great idea and I like what she's come up with for other people.

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

I LOVE these looks and think they'll look perfect on you! And isn't it interesting how much you learn about yourself in the process?

What a fun project. Do we get to see pictures of the actual outfits?

BettyDuffy said...

Hmm...again, those wedge sandals. They go with everything don't they? The multi-purpose all around great summer shoe, for everyone. Most especially, me. And you, too.

This settles it.

Enbrethiliel said...


The pink skirt is my favourite!

I'd rush off to get myself a pair of wedge sandals, too, except that the monsoon has started over here. =/

JMB said...

Get some Kork ease. They are like Danskos - so darn comfortable that you can not believe that you have lived without them for so long. You will never go back to wearing stupid flat shoes that kill your feet. You will realize that you have been suffering for nothing. Anyway, love the clothes. I have lots of luck with Joe's Jeans for my curvy figure. A little pricy but you can usually find them at Marshalls or Off Fifth or Nordstrom Rack or Last Call.