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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Med bleg

Anyone know if you can give small girls ibruprofen or tylenol and amoxycilin at the same time? Are there any side effects of mixing the two? I haven't done it yet, but these poor girls are just burning up.


Anonymous said...

I've done it....when my son had strep throat he was on Tylenol and amoxicillin at the same told me to do it.
Hope everyone is better soon and that you can get some rest.
God bless!!

mrsdarwin said...

Ah, many thanks. I'll go dose them up right now.

Deacon Jim said...

Note 1: I am not a doctor.
Note 2: I am a parent.

For high fever, Advil/Motrin, two hours later Tylenol (all children's or infants type in age appropriate doses). This will bring the fever down. Four hours later, start again Advil/Motrin, then in two more hours Tylenol.

You shouldn't give Advil/Motrin more than once every six hours.

Amox can be given after or before either. Give Amox with crackers or milk. If diarrhea ensues its from the Amox. Give yogurt to counteract.

Read all directions/follow all warnings - talk to a MD

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of what Deacon Jim is talking about, but I've been told that you shouldn't give them at the same time, overlapping like that, at least not without a doctor's permission. I was told it can be hard on a person's kidneys to take both that close together. You can give them tylenol after 6 hours if the ipubrofen's not working, or if you gave them tylenol first and that's not working, then you can try ibuprofen after 4-5 hours. I hope that's clear. I'm not a doctor either, of course, but that's the advice that has been given to me in the past.
Hope they're sleeping for you...
God bless!!