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Friday, March 17, 2006

Irish fiddling

It's St. Patrick's Day (if you didn't know that, what rock have you been hiding under?) and in honor of the occasion I dusted off the fiddle (literally) and sawed out a rollicking tune or two. Except that they weren't really rollicking, because I haven't played my violin in months and months -- you'll recall that it gave me morning sickness early in pregnancy -- and my fingers are stiff. Time to brush up my fiddlin' magic.

And speaking of Irish music, here's a link or two for you. If you've been looking for some sheet music so you can play along with the boys in the band, here's The Session, a fine website for exchanging Irish music. Meanwhile, for those of you looking to hire a fine band for all your Irish festivities, I present for your consideration Easter Rising, featuring those upright young men from the Pontifical College Josephinum jamming to a distinctively Celtic beat. The aforementioned boys in the band include John and Will Egan, my younger-but-not-smaller brothers. Bottoms up, bros!


Anonymous said...

Ooh! We're mentioned!
Happy St. Paddy's day, You enjoy yourself too

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes! Happy St. Paddy's day!! I just got back from the pub. Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters rock!!! Their fiddle player Kathy bought me a pint which put me at three for the day. So now, I'm home again and looking forward to an early night. Been thinking about Jim a lot lately. Rest in peace, friend. (I hope this post makes sense since I'm not exactly sober!)
Love you! --Bean

Glad to hear that you're playing fiddle again!

mrsdarwin said...

God bless Jim and his Irish grandmother, who, as you will recall, got married so that she could go down to two in a bed.

Vitae Scrutator said...

My wife Lisa played violin all through high school and college and she was really very good--or so I've been told. She hasn't played regularly in years. Just the other day she got her violin out and was trying to play it, only to discover that her ARM muscles were totally out of shape for that sort of thing. She couldn't play more than about three minutes before she had to stop. Something about the way you have to curve your arm around to finger the strings, I guess. Anyway, now she's trying to work up to it slowly.