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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christology 101

Deep thoughts at breakfast:

"When Jesus was the lamb of God, did anyone pet him?"


Rick Lugari said...

Oh, that is so cute, MrsD. Just one question though, when you asked it did the kids try to correct you or just laugh?


Anonymous said...

I would have assumed it was the girls who said it.

Rick Lugari said...

That's okay and learn. ;)

PB said...

So when refering to the Lamb of God as him, is that him or Him? And I think he would have been petted, after all who wouldn't want to pet the Lamb of God!

LogEyed Roman said...

Reminds me of a letter to John Paul II from a nine-year-old. The kid said her parents told her the stork brought her. And her baby sister. And her baby brother. The kid asked JPII to please pray to God that next time her mother be allowed to give birth normally.

Seriously, though, however cute the idea of petting Jesus is on one level, look how real it is to that small child of yours, thinking about it in terms that matter to her and that she can understand?



CMinor said...

I once got "God made us, but who made God?" She's now majoring in theology, so she can figure it out herself.