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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thomists vs. Intelligent Design

The folks at Ignatius Press have put up a page called which serves as a sort of portal to a fair amount of high quality writing on the questions surrounding Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Catholic Theology. Obviously, a certain amount of this is motivated by the links to various Ignatius Press offerings on the topic. They are, after all, n the business of selling books.

The site is useful in that it links to a number of articles by good Catholic writers dealing with the topic from all sides. I was impressed by the degree to which (in such a contentious topic) whoever is editing the site has generally done a very good job of avoiding bomb-throwing articles and linking to some very interesting thought.

One article which particularly interested me (I haven't had the chance to read all of them by any stretch) was this one by Michael W. Tkacz on why, in most cases, Thomistic philosophers have been highly reluctant to jump on the Intelligent Design bandwagon -- much to the chagrin of some on the ID side of things.

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John Farrell said...

Excellent article by Tkacz. He's also written another one on Design...I'll forward you the link.

(less than excited to see Cardinal Schonborn's confused contributions to the debate however)