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Friday, January 25, 2008

Book Meme

Well, it's Friday, and Matthew Lickona has tagged us on a book meme, so how about something light?

Book Meme Rules

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Well, the nearest book is The Great Pyramid by John Romer. (I've been reading it while working on some Ancient Egypt stuff for the elementary Humanities Program.)

Page 123 is mostly one large illustration of the workers' settlement on the Giza plain, and the only text is a caption, so I find myself pushed onto the next page where the five sentences in we find:
"As had Petrie in the excavation of the 'workmen's barracks', Saleh found nothing in these buried buildings, neither texts nor pictures nor inscriptions, to fix the date of their construction. Their isolated position in the desert, however, makes them more appropriate to the work of making pyramids than any other occupation and, most significantly, the banks of chippings that had buried and protected them appeared to be the undisturbed products of an adjacent quarry that had supplied some of the building stone for Giza's third great pyramid, built for Khufu's grandson, Menkaure. This then serves to date the wall and its settlements with reasonable certainty to a time before the work on Menkaure's pyramid began; that is, to the reign of either Khufu or his son Khafre."
I'll tag only three, though anyone else who wants the thing is welcome to it: Julie, Jen and Lit-Chic.


Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Will do!

mrsdarwin said...

Here's mine:

Galileo's Daughter

"Over the past few days, she had sought the advice of the mother abbess and other trusted sisters, finally relying on her own observations to reach a decision as to what would serve the community best.

She had rejected the notion of a gift of alms. Of course the convent was indigent, and as a reult the nuns often went hungry."

This refers to the poverty of the convent in which Galileo's daughter resided, and to her response to Galileo's offer to petition Rome for some kind of assistance for the sisters.

bearing said...

"The only shorebird with two black neck bands. It is known for its broken wing impression, which draws intruders away from nest. Once clear of the nest, the Killdeer takes flight."

Birds Of Minnesota Field Guide by Stan Tekiela.

Entropy said...

Day followed day, and each day my mind was filled with images of death. Of his death, but also of my own. Fasting, drowning, stabbing, self-strangulation: which methold should I select?

Nice. The Red Queen by Margaret Drabble.

I haven't gotten that far yet but now I just can't wait.

Literacy-chic said...

I finally did it! Mine was pretty cool! Thanks! :)