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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday Night Special

When you're in the sort of mood where you think, "At least it's Friday," and then remember it's actually Wednesday... When you've analyzed more than a million rows of data that day and still left stuff simmering on the server when you left... When going in an hour early means you only leave an hour late...

You might need the drink I've tentatively named the Wednesday Night Special.

1.5oz Gin
0.25oz Sweet Vermouth
4 dashes Orange Bitters
1 dash Angostura Bitters
tonic water
ice cube

Now why won't the kids put themselves to bed?


John Farrell said...

Great minds think alike. It's Wednesday night; the wife and I are in the middle of packing to move...and to relax with the dinner meal, we broke open a bottle of your highly recommended Three Philosophers.

The Wednesday Night Special I'll save for when we unpack at the new pad.


Anonymous said...

Kwinkydinks. I had a long long day filled with delightful conversations with students, teaching classes, lunch meetings, a faculty seminar, and some time at the gym. Got home, pooped. A little orange juice, little vodka, little ice, and I was chillin'. I'll take your recipe, and try a more refined drink next Wednesday.

John Farrell said...

Irenaeus, nothing wrong with a little Absolut (or Boru, my preferred) and orange juice! Nice with an occasional Galiano floater on top as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm nursing a bottle of Wolfschmidt I picked up at the grocery, which is not the best stuff going, that's for sure. I'm a consummate amateur when it comes to hard liquor, know a little bit more about wines, but know beer backward and forward (thanks to that year in Germany). So, I'm learning...