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Monday, September 22, 2008

About a Boy

First, let's clear up this clairvoyant rumor and tell the not-so-exciting truth. The reason I could predict baby's birth date and time with such accuracy was not second sight, but insider trading. I had a midwife appointment on the 10th and I knew that she would strip my membranes (that's loosening the bag of waters from the wall of the uterus), a maneuver that has, in conjunction with other therapies, always brought on labor for me in less than 24 hours. (Confidential to TS: next time you play the lottery, try the numbers 09-11-08.)

And the birth. It was pretty uneventful for everyone but me and baby. I started with the contractions at 12:17, called the midwife at 1 am, spent the next few hours pacing and feeling increasingly miserable, and baby was born at 4:33 am. I did not need stitches, for which I'm still thanking the good Lord.

Sounds easy, no? No. I knew labor was coming the night before, and I was scared. I prepared for birth by reading the lives (or more accurately, the deaths) of the North American martyrs. Contractions, I reasoned, could hardly be as bad as having your thumb bitten off. And given that a week and a half later, I'm not in pain and still have my thumb, I think that assessment was correct.

I think it's a crying shame that hospitals will sterilize women right after they've given birth. No one wants to have a baby again right after she's just pushed a head through her pelvis or had major surgery. It's coercion of the worst kind.

But! To balance out all this toil, I present the sweetly cross-eyed reward:

Who wouldn't go through nine months of discomfort and four hours of agony for that precious boy?


Melanie Bettinelli said...

He is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

CUTE!! Many congratulations to you and your family - what a blessing that sweet baby is!

- Bridget

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Skipped thru most of that post, but the pic is adorable.

TS said...

Ha! And here I'd assumed the prediction came about through a mysterious combination motherly instinct and womanly intuition.

I must say, this sounded rather painful and I don't like pain, it hurts. But I can see it was worth it.

Foxfier said... sister's baby looks-- and yeah, I'm stereotyping here-- like a fun loving goof. (yes, they can be wise, etc on the CYA notes here) and your boy looks like he's 16 years away from jumping up and declaring something like:
"But of *course* Oedipus was carried up in the second play of the Cycle, that was the only way to resolve the Dius Ex Machina problem that allowed his classic tragedy!"
(without prompting)

Anonymous said...

He has the Darwin Family Chin! GAH! Too much cute for any aunt to handle! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

He is very adorable. A little old man!

Ellyn said...

Such a sweetie!