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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blogger Meet-up

Some worry that online life is in danger of drawing people away from their "real" communities and sucking people into a "virtual world" in which they know no one in person. I suppose this is a danger to an extent, but not only have I spent many a pleasant hour getting to know people online, but on those occasions when we've had the chance to meet fellow bloggers in person we've invariably had a wonderful time.

Thus it was with great joy that we hosted a Catholic Blogger Moot at the Darwin house yesterday, in which Jennifer, Dom, Melanie, Rick, Opinionated Homeschooler and Betty Beguiles were in attendance.

There was food and drink aplenty and also much of that easy, pleasant sort of conversation which is possible among those who have known each other for a long time -- except in this case some of these people I had not met in person more than once before.

We'll certainly be hosting similar gatherings again. If you're a Catholic blogger in the Austin area (or who visits the Austin area every so often) and you'd be interested to be included in future events, do let us know.


Tito Edwards said...


Count me in for the next Catholic Blogger meet-up. I have family in Austin that I stay with and I need more excuses to go, so this will do!

You know how to reach me.

Domenico Bettinelli said...

Darwin and Mrs.,

It was indeed a pleasure and I only regret we don't get to Austin more than once per year. It was great to meet Rick and Opinionated Homeschooler this year. But now I have to remember to keep using everyone's noms de blog.

The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

A great and successful party, as any party must be that's built around nearly a dozen little kids, toddlers, and babies in constant motion while the grownups enjoy good food, drink, and conversation. Vive la vie catholique!

TS said...

So what was Rick like? Is he as wild as he seems in print?

Anonymous said...

This frequent reader and semi-frequent commenter will be in the area at the end of May for an ordination. Beer? :-)

Domenico Bettinelli said...

TS: Oh yes. A barrel of laughs and a fine drinker. He's a rough-edged quarter in a barrel of pennies.

Wait. I'm not sure what that last comment even meant. Oh well.

TS said...

Well sounds like a great time was had. Definitely an all-star group.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

Thank you again for hosting. We had a wonderful time and the fajitas were very good. I hope we can do it again next year with even more babies in attendance.

Rick Lugari said...

Wild, TS? Nah, just your everyday run-of-the-mill dork, as the other guests can attest.

It was definitely a nice time and really neat meeting all those present. I am grateful for the hospitality the Darwins have shown me during my stay - what evolved folks those Darwins are.


christopher said...

Howdy Darwins,
I havent' come across another Austin Catholic blogger until now so I thought I'd say hi. I've seen your comments here and there before but never knew you were an Austinite. You're very patient over at Vox Nova by the way, a skill I don't usually have, which is why I don't comment at other blogs very often! If you're ever having another Catholic "meetup", I'd love to join in, kids and all.