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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

They're coming to take us away...

Today is it: they're packing us up for the Great Journey North. Never has the house been so clean. Never before has all the laundry been folded. Two years after we laid the floors and week before the move out, all the baseboards and transitions and shoe molding were nailed up. It's looking good here -- can't wait to see the pix after the house is painted and new carpet and faucets installed. Anyone want to buy a house near Austin, TX?

We lose home internet today or tomorrow, so posting may be light. That's all right, because all we'd be saying anyway is either, "Are we mad?" or "Are all the people mad?"

But before we go dark, let us call out a few of the fine Texas bloggers that we'll miss:

Jen of Conversion Diary
Dorian of Scrutinies
Opinionated Homeschooler
Brandon of Siris
Julie of Happy Catholic
Nicole of Words, Words
Tito and John Henry, contributors to The American Catholic
Kyle of Journeys in Alterity
Christopher of Sanctus Christopher


Big Tex said...

Yes, but we need a job in the area first! :-) Best wishes! We'll be sure to look y'all up should we venture up to Ohio.

CMinor said...

Bon voyage!

Unknown said...

I hope your moving goes smoothly! I'll pray for you.

I had planned on diligently reading my biology textbook during my two hour break in the school day, but then I discovered your blog. Thanks for the fab procrastination reading! I'll make sure to come back to read more!

Brandon said...

Good luck in your move!

DMinor said...

Safe trip Darwins - hope to hear your again soon.

Colleen said...

I just found your blog...good luck in moving to OH. I went to FUS in Ohio, and we have often thought about moving back there (though I'm not particularly fond of the city of Steubenville itself) but Columbus is nice :)

samcarter said...

From a born and bred Ohioan Catholic, welcome to the Buckeye State! We're about an hour from Columbus, it's a good place to live.

Sarah Reinhard said...

Well, apparently I need to catch back up on my blog reading...I'm so grateful Jen gave a shout out about this, because I can, I'm not glad you have to move, but I think we Ohioans will gain from having you in the area. :)

Safe travels!