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Friday, December 03, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

This is not my post in response to Darwin's submission post, needless to say. It was just something I had ready to go up.

1. I've seen the future of low-budget children's programming, and it's cheap-ass computer rendering. Sorry junk. I hate the TV right now.

2. Here's how we do school here: the girls are writing out their Christmas lists in their best cursive because Santa can't read bad handwriting.

3. Here's our other homeschooling activity right now: we sing the times tables along with this CD. Hey, it works. I remember my younger siblings singing these songs, and a dedicated homeschooling group was able to help me locate it for my own kids. I find myself wandering around singing the Sevens waltz and the Eights boogie, so you know it's catchy.

4. My grocery shopping takes twice as long now because I don't know where anything is in the new store. Before we moved I had it down to a science; now, I wander aimlessly through the aisles because everything is in the wrong place.

5. This song:

It's so bizarre, and yet I have to listen to it for the weird twangy beat and the bass progression. Upon youtubing it, I discover that it's from Paul McCartney, and now I never want to hear another Beatles song again. Curse you, Paul McCartney, for the strangest Christmas song ever.

6. Diana (who will be henceforth called Pidge, because that's what we call her) rolled off the bed last night. I had five months of baby immobility, but now it's over. I wish she wouldn't, and yet it's so cute to see her squalling and kicking on her stomach, having rolled there and not knowing how to roll back.

7. Just a heads-up: my birthday is coming up, so get your thinking caps on...

Thanks to Jen for hosting.


Big Tex said...

I hate that song too. It's awful. Hideous. Agonizing.

And no, I haven't forgotten your birthday. You want that song on CD?

mrsdarwin said...

Buy it for yourself, Tex, as my birthday gift to you! Better yet, wait until Sunday and write about how we went shopping for it together... ;)

Big Tex said...

I already have it on one of those cheap Christmas compilations from Kohls. The song is truly wretched, and I'd be happy to foot the shipping bill from WA to OH.

On a different note... we have another friend out here who was also blessed to be born on Repeal Day.

mrsdarwin said...

Also, remember, the birthday of Walt Disney and the day Mozart died!

CMinor said...

After not being able to get in the car or enter a store between Veterans' Day and Christmas last year without being subjected to "Wonderful Christmastime," I formulated a hypothesis for the source of its inspiration. While I can't prove anything, my scenario goes something like this:

Scene one:
The lights go up to reveal not-yet-Sir Paul in his studio on the phone. A large calendar on the wall clearly shows it is November 1.

Paul: What's that? A Christmas Special? An original song? When's the shoot? In a week? Well, I'll see what I can do.

Scene two:
Paul is now slumped over a piano, twiddling a pencil. Blank staff paper rests on the music stand. The calendar now has the dates of November 2-6 clearly crossed out. An ice cream truck passes by in the studio window, and a half dozen tinkly notes can be heard as it goes out of sight. He sighs, and scratches on the staff paper. He hums the theme once or twice.

Paul: Not bad. Now for some lyrics. Christmas. I need something Christmassy, but that won't bother anyone who isn't celebrating...(thoughtfully)have a, the rhythm's wrong...have a wonderful Christmas...better...(singing)may you have a wonderful Christmastime!

The phone rings.
Paul: Yeah, yeah, it's ready to go! I'll see you in the morning. Toodles!

He addresses the staff paper with renewed vigor as the lights fade out.

Barb said...

I loathe that song...the only one I find worse is "Santa Baby". My oldest son delights in teasing his poor mother by singing these songs to me...

Bill Hoog said...

Guess it beats John Lennon's "So This is Christmas?"...

Kiwi Nomad said...

I love your birthday: it gives me license to lie outrageously with a clear conscience!