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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Messing With My Head

Darwin: ...and this weekend I need to do some work around the house and the yard.
Isabel (age 5): Will you fix the basement door in the back yard?
(one of the boards in the cellar door is rotting out)
Darwin: Well, that does need fixing, but I don't know if I will do it this weekend.
Isabel: You should work on the door soon. Sometimes I worry that man will get into the house.
Darwin: What man?
Isabel: The one who looks at me.
Darwin: Wait. What man are you talking about, Isabel? When was this?
Isabel: The man who looks at me. I don't like it.
Darwin: Isabel, when did this happen? Where did you see this man?
Isabel: Daddy, you know... The one eyed man. In my head.


Margaret Mary said...

I think I'd move that job up on the priority list.

TC said...

DON'T move it up the list.
I'm sure there is plenty on Mrs Darwin's "honey do" list w/o adding a 5y.o.'s assignments.

Dorian Speed said...

If it were a one-armed man, I'd say you really need to worry. How's Darwin at evading the law?

Anonymous said...

The Blackadder Says:

Since you do not live near a large body of water, chances are that you are dealing with a cyclops rather than a pirate. Given that the cyclops has superhuman strength, it's unlikely that fixing the door would do much good. You best bet would be to keep your liquor cabinet well stocked and maybe keep a large spike handy just in case.

Darwin said...


Considering that Darwin gave up alcohol for Lent, the cabinet is pretty well stocked at the moment, so we are prepared against the Cyclops.

Though I wonder if the solution is more pedestrian than that: Isabel recently watched a video of The Nutcracker, with a rather insane Herr Drosselmeier and his rakish eye patch.

mrsdarwin said...

Perhaps one day I'll finally learn to check who's logged in before I make comments. The above was me. sigh.

Sarah Reinhard said...

Oh. My. Goodness!

Gotta watch out for those 5yos!