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Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Fiction

I'd made a command decision that I didn't have time to try the NaNoWriMo thing well before MrsDarwin decided to make the plunge. However, particularly since all the fun we had with the Korrectiv folks at the Walker Percy conference, I'd been itching to try to start writing fiction again.

The result thus far is the draft of a short story, which you can read here: Ways Not Taken

Once upon a time I wrote a lot of fiction (basically all of it genre: science fiction and fantasy) but at this point it's been about twelve years since I've written any, and I'm still feeling my way around how non-genre writing works. If anyone feels like writing in depth feedback (in comments or via email) please feel free. I don't know if this is solid enough to be worth revising extensively, or if I'd learn more by leaving it and writing a few more, but either way a little intelligent dissection of the current product would doubtless me a learning experience.

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