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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Poetry Corner

The budding poetess, age 9 1/2, has been composing a book of poetry.

This book is the cause
Of the shake
That is said
To make
Your child
Run wild,
So preparations you make
Must awake
The banshee in style.
Give it clocks
And blocks
And your husband's best socks.
So education
Be the agent
Of the cure. 
Malcolm the dragon started to see
That he had never paid his fee.
But when he tried to pay his fee,
The man in there started to pee:
"You are too scary to pay your fee."
So Malcolm the dragon quite legally
Has never actually paid his fee.

Your interpretation is as good as mine.


Jordana said...

I love children's poetry.

Brandon said...

Malcolm is awesome; kind of Shel Silverstein-like. I hope you save it for when she's famous.

Bill E. said...

I think the poem 'Malcolm' makes perfect sense. I also like Malcolm's sense of responsibility in financial matters.

Unknown said...

Her great, great grandfather's name was Malcolm!

Enbrethiliel said...


Ah, the juvenalia of a future great writer! Malcolm is fun, but it's Introduction that I'm in love with.