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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Suppertime, resolved

So here's the last-minute dinner: cracker-bread pizzas. The cracker-bread recipe is quick, and the addition of flax seed, which we keep as a staple, gives the crust a nicely nutty taste even though it doesn't have time to develop lots of flavor over several hours of rising. We always have mozzarella and pasta sauce on hand. The rectangular pizza is pepperoni, which was left over from last week's pizza making (and zealously guarded against young snackers) and the round pizza is bell pepper (frozen, from Trader Joe's) and kalamata olives (another staple; we buy them in gallon jars from GFS). Darwin bought salad and croutons on his grocery run on the way home from work, and we drank water.


lissla lissar said...

Could you post the crust recipe? I'd like a quick pizza dough- I usually use the Artisan bread method, but it still takes two hours.

Christina said...

Yes, yes, please post the recipe!