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Thursday, June 28, 2012

If You Can't Stand The Heat...

Yeah, it's hot. 100 degrees today.

Our Texas pals are crying me a river, I know, but bear with me here: our house is so straight-up righteous that we don't have any air conditioning. It's so hard core that there aren't even any ceiling fans. I believe we are the only house on the street -- the block! -- with no air conditioner. Even the house next door, that has had only three owners in its 100 years, has air. They can all be that way. If people lived in this house for 120 years without air conditioning, we can tough it out too. There's no school like the old school, know what I'm sayin'?

None of yer new-fangled technology here, young man!

We can get some nice air flow going when there's air worth flowing, but today we opted to shut up everything to retain the nighttime coolness throughout the day. It worked, mostly: it never hit 90 in the house. The children didn't cry too much, perhaps because they sat in a daze, flushed and perspiring.


Now that it's 11 pm, it's cool enough to open the windows. Eleanor is sleeping on the floor with a fan pointed at her head. Julia is sprawled on her bed with a fan pointed at her head. Diana and Isabel are both in the crib, with a fan pointed at their feet, but it's hitting their heads too. Jack is on the couch, with a fan pointed at his head, talking up a storm to me at 11 pm because it's too hot to sleep. And I'm letting him, because it's too hot to touch him long enough to drag him upstairs.

Glancing back through the archives, I see we complained about the heat when we were in Texas as well -- understandable as our air conditioner broke down twice a year, May and August, regular. And now as then, I say: it's too darn hot.


Banshee said...

If it gets really bad, put up aluminum foil on the windows on the sunny side.

JMB said...

When I lived in Marseilles we had no air conditioning. The house would be shut tight all day long. At night the shutters would be open. It worked.

Jenny said...

It's supposed to be 107 in Nashville today. It hasn't been that hot in June since the year my father was born, and, boy, does my grandmother still remember that summer. Small mercy in that the humidity is quite low so it feels more like SoCal heat rather than Southern heat.

Sorry to hear about your lack of air conditioning. Ours is currently running constantly and struggling to keep the house under ~82 in the afternoon. Makes me nervous.

I notice the guys are too darn hot to sup with their babies, but apparently not hot enough to keep them from dancing. I think a little reworking of the priorities are in order for them. :)

Julia said...

We don't have any air conditioning, either. One ceiling fan, though, and two small portables.

Around here it usually only gets up to 95+ degrees about ten days a year. And every year during a heat spell I calculate the cost of buying even three air conditioners and running them for three months (because you *know* they'd be on at 85 degrees if they were here), and divide that number by ten (for the number of beastly/unbearable days), and that sobers me right up.

lissla lissar said...

Last year it was the same temperature here as it was in Saudi Arabia, which seems unfair, since this is supposed to be the Frozen North. We had a deeply unpleasant week at 45C and even though we have central air it couldn't keep up.

Bleh. I'm moving to Nunavut.