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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Search Engine Philosophizing

By some unimaginable injustice, we are the top link if you search Google for "Catholic philosophy blog". If searching cost money, I think people should ask for their money back. As it stands, I can only apologize to all the real Catholic philosophers.


Eric Mendoza said...

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin! Don't worry; I'm sure Dr. Ed Feser won't mind being second. :)

I checked and, unless Google is misleading me with personal search results, I'm currently second in "Catholic Brony Blog" and first in "Catholic rpg blog," though the latter might be due to being perhaps the only Catholic blog with the "RPG" label.

Paul Connors said...

Also top for "not a catholic philosophy blog"!

Darwin said...

You're right.

And now I find that if you search "stupid catholic philosophy blog" we win as well -- though Mark Shea comes in number two.

MrsDarwin asks from the couch what the result is if you search "MrsDarwin is hot", but I regret to inform the world that we come in only third on that search, and the first two don't even pertain to our MrsDarwin.

Eric Mendoza said...

Don't worry, Mrs. Darwin, your blog places first in "hot catholic philosophy blog."