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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Other Side of Cultural Despair

For no other reason than that we've been blogging for a number of years, we've landed up on some publicity mailing lists and find our inbox clogged with press releases for this or that boring thing we don't care about. Usually these get deleted without a second glance, but I was so amused by this one that I had to share it with you. We tend to see a lot of the conservative hand-wringing over what the Terrible Left has done to the culture, but here's a glimpse through the looking-glass at the other side of despair over the culture wars.

 Note: I haven't read the article in question

Playboy contributor Nancy L. Cohen predicts a losing battle for your sexual rights in a Romney White House

From the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes and the Great Plains, in the past year heartland Republicans pushed nearly a thousand laws to restrict access to contraception and abortion. The House spent one out of every seven days focused on America’s lady parts, where Senator Rand Paul tried to attach a “life begins at conception” rider to the National Flood Insurance Program while Florida was bailing out from Tropical Storm Debby. Welcome to the war on your sex life. In the November issue of Playboy, author and activist Nancy L. Cohen reveals what you can expect should Romney win the November Presidential election.

When Willard Mitt Romney entered high school in 1961, birth control was illegal in some states, abortion was illegal except in rare cases, and young women had to lie to get the pill. Is America going back to those days? That depends on what happens in November.

Cohen reports the evidence from Romney’s years as governor—a subject he religiously avoids talking about—proves him to be anything but moderate. Governor Romney reneged on just about every campaign promise he had made to women and gays about sexual rights, personal freedom and privacy. Romney wouldn’t even protect a rape victim from having to bear the child of her rapist; he vetoed a bill requiring hospitals to give emergency contraception to rape victims.

Romney 2016? Here’s Cohen’s prediction: As Americans ready themselves for another presidential election and watch the Rio Olympics, most of the old porn-friendly computers have been sent off to the scrap heap of history. In half the nation abortion is illegal and birth control is rare. The average age of marriage has plummeted to 20. The notion of casual sex is a fantasy, the sexual revolution history. The sexual counter-revolutionaries have won.

Welcome to the future of your sex life. Welcome back to 1950.

Grab your smelling salts; the repression is getting positively Victorian!


Jeanne G. said...

Wow about that bill about "requiring hospitals to give emergency contraception to rape victims." Requiring? That is part of the most horrifying dystopia I can think of - killing a baby without anyone's permission. I think all kinds of abortion are awful anyway, but that just seems like it would be predatory. Also, Cohen's prediction sounds pretty good to me. That wouldn't happen anyway, but people always have to be alarmist.

Crude said...

Also, Cohen's prediction sounds pretty good to me. That wouldn't happen anyway, but people always have to be alarmist.

Yeah, agreed on both counts.

The idea that Romney is going to eliminate abortion, birth control, reduce the average age of marriage, and... scrap 'porn-friendly computers' (what does this even mean?), and do it all within the span of four years, is amazing to me. I would love to see Cohen explain how he would manage this, because I'd bet you anything it would sound like a liberal atheist version of a Jack Chick story about what the Black Pope is capable of.