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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Readership

Thanks to all who completed the DarwinCatholic reader poll. The results were as follows:

Roughly 170 readers completed the poll. The site usually has 200-300 visits a day, of which a number appear to be one-time visits directed by Google searches, so I suspect this captures a good portion of our daily readership.

We've been writing since 2006, and our readership isn't huge, so our readership seems to reflect the tenure of the blog:

18% of DarwinCatholic readers have been following the blog for less than a year.
37% for 1-3 years
44% for "Longer than I'd like to admit"

One thing I'd been fairly curious about was how many readers primarily accessed the blog through RSS rather than visiting the site. That breakdown appears to be:

59% visit the site itself
41% follow via RSS
4% follow via Facebook

I'd suspected for a while that we'd shifted to a majority female readership. Come to that, I say shifted, but for all I know we may always have been. The current breakdown is basically 60/40 female to male.

I also figured that we probably had a heavily Catholic readership, though I'm not sure I realized how lopsided the split is. 164 (95%) of respondents were Catholic while 9 were non-Catholic.

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