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Friday, November 29, 2013

A Darwin Thanksgiving

I apologize for the thin reading around here. MrsDarwin continues to be on and off bedrest due to blood pressure issues. Three more weeks till the due date, and at this point we're very much hoping that BabyDarwin makes his appearance early.

With MrsDarwin off her feet, I was the primary cook for Thanksgiving, with help from our guests: MrsDarwin's father and an old friend from Texas whose husband is off at sea with the Navy over the holiday.

While not a foreigner to the kitchen, I'd never done a whole Thanksgiving meal before, so it had its challenges, but everything came out well in the end, though dinner was an hour or two later than I'd planned.

Even the pies were praised.

And in the end, both the difficulties and those who were here to help us through them were reminders of the many things we should be thankful to God for.

I hope all our stateside readers had a similarly enjoyable Thanksgiving. And for those who aren't celebrating Thanksgiving as a holiday this weekend, I hope you come across some good pie soon anyway. Because pie is, after all, one of the many signs that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

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Finicky Cat said...

Amen to the pies, sir! (And congratulations on the dinner…)