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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


My brothers' band, which has kind of a driving rockabilly sound when they're not playing Irish music (and sometimes when they are), introduced me to The Band, and the couple of songs they cover regularly have become staples here. On my mind lately is Ophelia, to which I still don't know all the words but howl along with obligingly whenever it comes up on shuffle. It's so stuck in my head that I've even been trying to pick it out on the piano despite my undeveloped ability to improv. So here, I want you all to listen and groove along to the horns and the bass and Levon Helms on the drums.


Bill E. said...

This video is from The Last Waltz, a documentary of The Band's last concert directed by Martin Scorsese. It's most worth a watch, other than Joni Mitchell's song.

If you want some cheat chords for Ophelia, let me know. I'm full of cheat chords.

mrsdarwin said...

Hook me up, bro. I need some cheats, especially since I just read that the keyboardist laid down several tracks, and I can hardly hope to figure out one of them.