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Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday on the Links

It's Friday, end of the line, and though ostensibly you're clicking around looking for a post with an opening paragraph, a topic sentence, three supporting paragraphs, and a closing thought, you really just want entertaining links. I provide.


Most important: Whit Stillman's Jane Austen adaptation, Love and Friendship, is here!

A roundup of obscure SNL sketches. Look, I most emphatically do not vouch for every sketch in this post, but I do recommend:
O.J. Jury Selection
Family Flix (the big girls and I watched this twice and howled like a Rocket Dog)
Beauty and the Beast. (Maybe this isn't funny, but I laughed a great deal.)
George Washington Returns
What's in a Name (if you can ignore Lady Gaga's bra).

Speaking of names, Brandon has a very good post about "God" as a Name, regarding the Wheaton professor who was fired after saying that Muslims and Christians worship the same god.

Brandon also has up a fascinating trio of posts about St. Paul's quotations of the pagan poets.
"We are his offspring."
"For in him we live and move and have our being."; "Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons.”
“Bad company corrupts good character.” 
ADDENDUM: "It is hard for you to kick against the goad."

If you have the stomach for horror movies, Eve Tushnet writes about the best of last year's horror movies, from a Catholic perspective. I have a sneaking desire to see Crimson Peak, but I couldn't do it in the theater. I can only watch horror movies at home, behind a pillow, with Darwin at my elbow, and then in bed with me afterward in case I hear noises at night. I don't care who knows I'm a wuss.

You can buy the habit for a new Anglican Catholic order of nuns.

Photo of Julia Sherman, designer, by Julia Sherman, photographer.
Looks incredible, but might be out of your reach if you've taken a vow of poverty. I'd totally wear that dress, though.

Trump: the Nikabrik candidate.

Speaking of things presidential, the Hottest Heads of State. And I have to say that Rutherford B. Hayes must have cut quite a dash when he was swanning around Delaware, OH (where his birthplace is now the site of a commemorative BP station).

Don't just go translating the Red Book of Westmarch and think that the Tolkien estate is going to have nothing to say about it. 
"When I entered the Hobbit Studies program at the University of Chicago in 2003, I wasn’t planning to write my own translation. Like most of my peers, I was content to lead a quiet scholarly life, writing my dissertation on Ad√Ľni phonology and having friendly debates over second brunch about whether or not Balrogs have wings (they don’t). The best I really hoped for professionally were a few publication credits and a full-time lecturer job at a small Franciscan college." YEAH, I KNOW WHICH COLLEGE YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.

What would a linky post be without a little Hamilton action? This fall, Great Performances will be airing a documentary about the making of Hamilton, on PBS. 

Here's Vulture's set of Hamilton posts, including an article about the Reynolds Pamphlet and a link so you can read the original yourself (speaking of Hamilton action).


Anonymous said...

I put a lot of stock in Eve's horror taste, so I've definitely got a few to get out there and see. The only one on her list I saw was A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, which I loved. It was slow, arty, and weird. Definitely took some commitment, but I loved it. The intro scene is awesome.

Speaking of being a wuss, I think horror is a genre you want to watch with someone. I'll leave the dramatic speculating to the experts here. The fact that I usually have to enjoy them alone is a bummer.

Agnes said...

Just to let you know, the link to Brandon's post (God as a name) doesn't work. (I found it through the other links to his blog though.)

MrsDarwin said...

Thanks, Agnes! I fixed it.